XL to Ged


logoThis is a simple on-line utility to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a Gedcom file suitable for loading into a Family History programme.

Many researchers undertaking a One-Name study keep details of their names in an Excel spreadsheet and then run into problems creating charts or getting the information onto a website. This little utility goes some way towards getting the data more readily available. There are, of course, some limitations to what can be converted as everyone’s spreadsheets are different.

As a result for this utility to work properly an input template must be used with the data pasted from your existing spreadsheet.

Download the input spreadsheet for birth, death and note records from here.

Download the input spreadsheet for birth, death, census and note records from here.

Before you start using the input spreadsheet please read the instructions for use pdf file which you can download here. If you don’t want to download the pdf file you can read it on-line here.

Please ensure your spreadsheet is saved with a comma as the delimiter NOT a semicolon otherwise the conversion will fail.

Once you have read the instructions, downloaded and completed the Excel template go to this page on the site to run the conversion. Once the file has been converted download your Gedcom file.

Privacy: Your Gedcom file will be stored on the web server for a maximum of 28 days. Your input file and your Gedcom file will not be shared with anyone else nor will it be uploaded to any other website.