wordleWhat is a Wordle?

A Wordle is just a tag cloud of names like this one.

What is a Ged2Wordle?

This is a simple on-line utility that creates  surname list for you from your uploaded Gedcom file that you can then upload to the Wordle website to create a list like this of your own.

It is simple to use just upload a Gedcom file to the site. The application then parses your Gedcom file for the surname of all the people in the file. It then creates a simple list for you to cut and paste into the Wordle site.

To access the utility go to Ged2Wordle and run the application.

Your Gedcom file will be stored on the site for a maximum of one month until I do the website housekeeping and then it will be deleted. Your Gedcom file will not be used for any purpose other than creating this surname list for you. Your Gedcom file will not be passed to anyone else.