Welcome to the Genealogy software part of my site.

This site is to keep you updated about the software that I develop that will help genealogists pursue their missing ancestors. It also contains links to other useful software for your research.

GedShow: This is a plugin for WordPress that I have written. It allows the upload of a gedcom file which is processed and then displays the individuals in the file with facts associated with them. More details of this plugin can be found on the GedShow page.


Tony Proctor has designed a utility app that creates an SVG family tree from data that you enter. To make the process a little easier I have developed a simple converter that takes a Gedcom file and creates a text file that is suitable for uploading into Tony’s app and the layout can be further tweaked. This little utility just reduces the amount of data entry. It is available on the Ged2SVG page.

logoI have  developed a simple on-line utility to convert Excel spreadsheets to Gedcom files suitable for importation into a Family History programme. More details of this utility can be found on the XL to Ged page of this site.
wordleI have developed a simple Gedcom to Wordle surname list generator. An example of a Wordle list is shown on the left. To access this utility go to the Ged2Wordle page.


collabI have ceased work on the web based collaboration database. It was considerably more work that I had intended and there was little interest in it.