About Orba Design



design(sml)We can design your website from scratch, update it even though we did not create it initially or you can select one of the many pre-defined templates available on-line and we will add your content to it. The type of site that we can build for you could be a simple static information site, a sales site complete with shopping cart, a blog, a photo gallery or anything else that you might want.


current-valid(sml)We will design your site to be fully compliant with the current web standards and ensure that your website looks the same regardless of which web browser your clients use.

We will submit your site details to the major search engines after ensuring that the site content is optimized for them to list your site appropriately.


registration(sml)We can register a domain for you with most of the domain registrars. Unlike some other design companies, we register the domain in YOUR name and so you are not tied to our company for your web design.



hosting(sml)We can host your website for you on our web servers, we can recommend a suitable hosting company or if you already have a suitable web host we can work with them to deliver your site. Should you decide to use our hosting service you will be free to move your site to another host at any time. Should you use our hosting service or that of one of our recommended suppliers we will supply you with access to a full range of statistics for the visitors to your site.

Other Services


Should you require a multi-lingual web site we can translate your pages from English to Spanish or German using our expert translators.


camera(sml)We can offer a full professional photography service for your website, this can include photos or your premises, products, staff or customers or anything else that you want displayed on your web site.


Should you require and further information about our company or what we can do for you please contact us.