Nov 052012

The latest Alpha test version is now live on the new site at The passwords and id’s are still the same but the data is my test data rather than that from the old site so if you added any of your own data for testing purposes I am afraid that you will have to enter it again.

The assign source to master should now be working for all data types. The only caveat here is that currently all master records are displayed there is no intelligent searching being done for suggested records. Adding this functionality is high on the ‘to do’ list.

The create new master from source record is now working for all record types. There is one caveat though at the moment it is only the grooms data that is being parsed to create the new record. I need to completely re-code this page to allow options to create master records from the bride and both fathers records in the source transcription.

The pagination of all Admin report pages is now working. I am looking at improving the display and export options on these Admin pages.

A question for you should I add an export option from the View Master page?

The rest of the week looks to be pretty busy so I am not sure how much more I can get done, but I hope to get a few more tweaks done.

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