svgThis is a simple on-line utility to convert a Gedcom file to a ‘tree definition file’ that is then suitable for loading Tony Proctor’s SVG app. The app is available direct from Tony, contact him through the Facebook group or through his website.

This version (1.0) is a major update and delivers all the functionality that I have planned. This version allows the creation of the timeline data so it is correctly displayed in the SVG app, multi-line notes fields are properly rendered, all dates and date ranges are supported including dual dates and Julian dates. The first five children are in a line below the parents, if there are more than five children the rest will be displayed in lines of five below the older children. Use the ‘Edit Options’ in the app’s ‘Design’ window to change any of the options or to move the people around if you do not like what has been created by this converter or use the new auto layout function in the SVG app.

There is one caveat with this version your gedcom file MUST include details of more than one family for the converter to work.

To see how the select family works please see this short video for a quick demonstration of this function.

Current Version:

  • Version 1.0

Development plans:

  • Select any family from the gedcom not just the first
  • Add all lines of notes to the notes field (currently only the first line)
  • Create the timeline markup automatically for all the events in the notes field.
  • Waiting for user input for more functionality requirements

Once you have your Gedcom go to this page on the site to run the conversion. Once the file has been converted download your ‘tree definition file’ and use it with Tony’s app. An example of which is shown below.

Please make any suggestions for enhancement on the SVG Facebook page at

Privacy: Your Gedcom file will be stored on the web server for a maximum of 28 days. Your Gedcom file and your ‘tree definition file’ will not be shared with anyone else nor will it be uploaded to any other website.