Jan 062014

XL to Ged

At the request of a couple of users I have developed some custom versions of this script that is particular to their needs. I am currently looking at making it convert marriages as well as individuals. This is proving a little challenging. If you with to help in the development of this functionality then please contact me. Likewise, if you need a bespoke version of the individuals converter then please let me know I may be able to assist.


Word clouds are popular at the moment. I have created a converter that will take all the surnames from your Gedcom file and create a name list for you to submit to such sites as Wordle, Tagul, Word it out, Tag Crowd, Image Chef and Tagxedo. There are several others too. You can find the converter here.

Jan 282013

Following some feedback I have updated the converter to v0.45.

The changes are:-

  • The first notes entry in the input template are written to the global notes field in the Gedcom file. Any notes in the Census¬† Notes field are added to the Census record rather than the global Notes field.
  • I have improved security of my website by changing the algorithm that creates the file names.

Work in progress:-

  • Adding Source record structure to each of the data elements in the input template.
  • Working on additional templates.
Jan 252013

I have updated the Excel to Gedcom update utility to V0.4 today.

The changes are:

  • Check for a Birth date or a Birth place and if present create a birth record. Previous version only checked to see if there was a date, if no date no record was created in the Gedcom.
  • Check for a Death date or a Death place and if present create a Death record. Previous version only checked to see if there was a date, if no date no record was created in the Gedcom.
  • I have added a new template that allows a census record to be input and a Census record is created in the Gedcom. For this record to be created a date must be present in the input file. (Thanks to Cliff Gittens for this suggestion)
  • I have done some code housekeeping that may speed up execution.


Jan 242013

I have just updated this site to incorporate details of my on-line Excel to Gedcom conversion utility.

More details can be found about this utility here.

I have also included some details about an on-line testing environment for the Collaboration Database. If you would like access to this testing environment than please contact me and I will give you a login for it.

Jan 112013

I have updated the ‘Assign Source’ page. It has been completely rewritten to use CSS instead of tables for the data display. I have added the auto search facility to suggest the likely Master Person. I have corrected a couple of coding bugs that caused error messages when a new Master Person record was created.

I have now started work on the redesign to allow the linking of a Bride or Groom to the Master Record at the moment it is still only the Groom who is displayed from marriage records for linking to a Master Record.

Please check out this latest change and let me have any feedback.

Jan 072013

Over the last couple of months I, unfortunately, haven’t had much time to work on this application. This week I intend to get back into the development effort and will be putting a new version live on the test site in the next few days.

Nov 052012

The latest Alpha test version is now live on the new site at http://gencollaboration.info The passwords and id’s are still the same but the data is my test data rather than that from the old site so if you added any of your own data for testing purposes I am afraid that you will have to enter it again.

The assign source to master should now be working for all data types. The only caveat here is that currently all master records are displayed there is no intelligent searching being done for suggested records. Adding this functionality is high on the ‘to do’ list.

The create new master from source record is now working for all record types. There is one caveat though at the moment it is only the grooms data that is being parsed to create the new record. I need to completely re-code this page to allow options to create master records from the bride and both fathers records in the source transcription.

The pagination of all Admin report pages is now working. I am looking at improving the display and export options on these Admin pages.

A question for you should I add an export option from the View Master page?

The rest of the week looks to be pretty busy so I am not sure how much more I can get done, but I hope to get a few more tweaks done.

Nov 032012

Today marks some significant success.

Assign Source to Master is now working for all UK census entries.

View Master records is now working properly and is displaying all UK Census and UK Baptism and Burial Parish Registers and UK Birth and Death certificates linked to the Master records.

I now need to sort out attaching all the other source record types to the master record and the display of them on the view screen.

I have also purchased a new domain name to host this site and the testing database. The new domain is http://gencollaboration.info I will migrate this site and the database sometime in the next week but I will make an announcement here before the new site goes live.

Nov 022012

I have just realised that I have been doing so much development work that I have forgotten to update the blog.

I have been doing some tidying of code as well as adding some new functionality.

All the admin screens now display 10 rows of data to a page, with more data being displayed on the click of a link.

I have added a View Master Record screen that displays the Master Person Record and all the child records attached to it.

The Assign Source Record to Master Record is still in development. This one, as expected, is proving challenging. The page is displaying the correct data and the functionality to create a new master record from a source record is working properly. I still have to get the linking functionality working properly.

The import from CSV to Master Record has gone on the back burner until I have the Assign Source to Master working properly.

I have re-designed the Add Master Record screen to only take the birth details as I think that this is the best solution to ensuring that correct source records are applied to a Master Record. I may revisit this decision once some serious testing is under way.

I have spent several days trying to get some fancy table display script working without success and so have parked that for now and will look to getting that running later.

These changes are not currently reflected on the testing site but I will get them up there this weekend.

Assign Source to Master

Assign Source to Master

View Master & Source

View Master & Source

Oct 112012

With yesterdays update to the input screens I introduced a bug which meant they did not display properly. This has now been corrected and all templates display as they should.

I have adjusted the layout on some of the templates so that they take less screen space which should reduce the amount of screen scrolling a user needs to do.

I have finished coding the create master persona record input screen and have started on the upload from CSV file for the master persona records. I hope to release these two screen for testing in the next couple of days.